Time Traveler Designer – The Craft Journey

Time Traveler Designer – The Craft Journey Workshop, is a hand-on experience guided by professional artisans, to unfold the secrets of the Arabian authentic craft. Created to provide creative opportunities for anyone who wants to learn new skills and be energized and inspired. Students of various education levels, ages, and backgrounds worked side-by-side, exchanging ideas and techniques and were introduced to Arabian craftsmanship.

The workshop was a collaboration between D3, IWAN DESIGNS and ETQAAN Designs. hosted during Dubai Design Week event from 25th of October till 29th of October

Different lectures took place throughout the workshop:

  • Digital Fabrication & Furniture Design Lecture – by Arch. Ammar Kalo
  • Materials: Your Ingredients for successful design lecture – by Eng. Omar Hossama
  • Design Experience lecture – by Eng. Ehab Mokhtar
  • Islamic patterns yesterday & tomorrow lecture – by Assistant Prof. Khaled Nassar
  • Closing Discussion – by Khaled Nassar & Ehab Mokhtar