In 2014, ETQAAN Designs was born from the co-creation between Iwan Designs and Hossama-a fourth generation family that goes back to the early 1900s. Together the pair unites business and talent in the brainchild of their collaboration.

A year after, ETQAAN became famous for its one-of-a-kind luxury pieces, that evoke the essence of Arabic culture that embraces the past, present, and future of design creating exquisite spaces that exude luxury and originality. In 2016, we expanded from designing bespoke luxury pieces to creating authentic and inspired spaces and interior designs that embrace the artist within each discerning client.

Today, ETQAAN is perceived as one of the prestigious companies with a well-known reputation in products and interior designs, with projects throughout the entire region.


‘ETQAAN’, the Arabic word that roughly translates to ‘mastering’ and precision, embodies our essence; perfecting craftsmanship, original design ideas, and quality of products. The word ETQAAN is a clear statement about our dedication to the rich Arabian legacy.

ETQAAN was specifically created to revive a fading craft and provide true art lovers with artistic heritage. Through the exclusively designed furniture pieces that combine original technique with a present-day take, the authenticity of the art form is preserved and never compromised.


ETQAAN aims to bridge the gap between the Mideast and the west in a beautiful eclectic modern and luxurious feel to meet our client’s comfort.


Designing a whole full setup in a lifestyle concept by using both the authentic Heritage pieces with creative new ideas to complement our design in a unique way.


Trust and Respect, as we highly appreciate our clients. Commitment, as we deliver on our promise. Authenticity, as everything we do, is bespoke and original. Innovative, as we aspire to find new forms of expressions.