“ETQAAN is a new breed of innovative designers inspired from its heritage of creating beautifully handcrafted pieces of Arabesque design. Our innovative and fresh interpretations of modern interior design reflecting different styles and cultures from around the world”


Inspired by our heritage of creating timeless Arabesque handcrafted pieces, ETQAAN Designs draws upon modern global trends to create interiors that are the art forms of today and legacies of tomorrow.

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ETQAAN Designs specializes in exquisite haute-interior projects using exotic materials accompanied by craftsmanship rarely witnessed in this day and age.

Our meticulous artistic process creates timeless Arabesque handcrafted pieces and design projects that are inspired by the rich Arabian heritage of the Levant and North Africa.


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Drawing upon age-old techniques, our passionate approach to design combines the traditional with a refreshingly modern-day execution, to produce outstanding art pieces’ products.

Blends the essence of Middle Eastern culture and art with the modern design elements and comfort of Western design resulting in a 21st Century interpretation that perfectly complements Haute Design lifestyle.


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Using nature’s bounty, a piece of wood, a metal tool. Our fit-outs are a true authentic addition to any space.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing doors and ceilings that reflect the Arabic patterns through an updated design perspective. Our Exceptional quality had shaped a high platform in high-end products market.


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